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Tritem has been delivering unique software and hardware solutions focused on simulation and automated testing for over a decade.

Whether you are building a train, an airplane, a submarine or a production line. We are experts in verification and validation of software as well as virtualization of the hardware it drives.

We can design, create and maintain fully automated tests of your software and any system in your product or idea. Step in to learn about our EXiL platform, ELMo simulation engine and other products and services.

As an independent company we are a proven partners to the biggest european rolling stock manufacturers like Bombardier Transportation or Siemens, giving them advantage through our revolutionary technologies and reliable services.


Get to know our products, services and solutions for railways, sea vessels and the aerospace industry. Let the future happen today!


If you’d like to start the Industry 4.0 transformation in your organization – better start with the basics. Tritem and NI’s technology fits this purpose like no other.


If the machine you’re building does not quite fit in your laboratory call us! We can emulate & simulate it as a whole or through selected subsystems.


ISO 9001: 2015 granted again

ISO 9001: 2015 In order to meet all the needs of our clients, we constantly improve our services. It is necessary to have appropriate tools and

BlackBox robot at EmbeddedWorld 2019

BlackBox robot at EmbeddedWorld 2019 We just came back from embeddedworld 2019 in Nurnberg. Our booth met with great interest and we got a lot

EmbeddedWorld2019, Nuremberg 26-28.02.2019

This month Tritem will be present at EmbeddedWorld2019 in Nürnberg, Germany. “The exhibitions covers the fields of embedded-system technologies, distributed intelligence and the Internet of


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Tritem has more than 25 years’ experience gained on all European markets. The vehicles which were tested by our company can be found in such countries as Germany and Switzerland.

Our company owes its success and strong position to our young and ambitious team of several dozen engineers who are highly qualified and know at least one foreign language. Because of them, we can carry out our mission, i.e. provide top-quality solutions which ensure not only safe and failure-free operation of machines, but also enable us to prepare much shorter testing procedures.

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